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Where it all started


Our Vintage silver handles are re-purposed by a highly qualified USA silversmith.  Photo to the right is Graciela your silversmith. Who could imagine letting a small child polish silver  would instill a life long love for silver .When I first made the brushes 30 + years ago (yes some are still in use after 30+ years) This time I set out to make the very best  brushes I could. Our brushes are custom made in the USA and the handles are fitted in Texas and that makes us a 100% American made product and us very proud.

What we offer

  • Brushes
  • Magnifiers
  • Vanity Trays
  • French Lavender Pillows (Coming soon)


Our beautiful handles make a magnifier like a piece of jewelry.

Born out of my personal need to have just a little extra magnification in certain areas of the house. 3" and 4.5 glass magnifiers are used and not all silver styles are available to be used.


Our Sable brushes are the finest quality on the market today!

Sable brushes are widely recognized as the highest quality material for cosmetic brushes. They are the makeup artist choice for use with the fine powders as they hold and distribute the color more effectively. Our brushes are made in the USA and  a sable care card is enclosed with each order.

We offer three brushes . A chisel powder/blush, fluff eye shadow and a liner . Not all silver patterns offer matching liner brushes. They are re-purposed from vintage button hooks and fruit knives.

Our set of 2  consists of powder/blush and fluff eye shadow.

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